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EVENT: Sydney Blu returns to Toronto in time to ‘Change the Game’

EVENT: Sydney Blu returns to Toronto in time to ‘Change the Game’


Toronto-native, former local DJ, and now internationally recognized artist Sydney Blu will be back in our city on Friday, June 28, where she will be headlining the Pride Central Stage and tearing up the night with a special gig at Footwork Nightclub alongside Deko-Ze, Jonathan Rosa and Ticky Ty.

sydneyblu afterparty

Just in time to celebrate the release of her latest compilation album, Change the Game, Sydney Blu is looking forward to celebrating in Toronto this weekend.

“Pride is the best weekend in Toronto all year. I love the stages and I have played that Central stage for years now. I took a couple years off in the past because of my crazy touring schedule but I’m back because I missed it and I missed the vibe and the unity feeling of performing for that street. Playing with Deko-ze at Footwork will be special too. I haven’t played with him for about 6 years. We used to rock it at Beba on Thursdays, Guvernment, and Comfort Zone to name just a few. Should be a great reunion.” – Sydney Blu

Pride Toronto’s DJ Central event will take place at the OLG Central Stage located at Church St. & Maitland St., in downtown Toronto.  Alongside Cory Activate, MC Flipside, and Joel Smye, Syndey Blu will finish it off with a 2-hour set beginning at 11pm.  For more information, check the Pride Toronto Events Schedule.

After touring the world with an evolving sound, it’s likely that Syndey will be going back to her underground roots this Friday:

“When I lived in Toronto I played many underground venues. My sound was very versatile. I played ‘commercial’ sometimes if there was a great track with a vocal, but my music was mostly an underground vibe. I played Comfort Zone, Guvernment, and Footwork. After I moved to the US that changed. EDM exploded and all of the DJs had to start playing this big room sound to stay in the clubs they were playing in. I don’t mind big room stuff if it’s good. However, it went too far in my opinion. I am happy now going back in the direction I came from. Everything evolves and I’m slowly evolving back to the sound I was known for in Toronto.” – Sydney Blu


Change the Game was released on Black Hole Recordings on June 24th and features a selection of tracks that represent a musical journey that Sydney Blu is proud of.  “I started Deep and Techy and took it through the different genres of House, Electro, and Progressive, while making sure it still flowed smoothly through transitions.”

To connect with Sydney Blu and stay on top of her releases and gigs, check out the following links:






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