EVENT: UMEK at Maison Mercer alongside Sam Haze & Hugo Matos 08-11-13



131108 Umek Mailer


Provoke presents


at Maison Mercer, 18 Mercer st., Toronto

November 8th, 2013


Sam Haze

Hugo Matos

TICKETS are available HERE


UroŇ° Umek, better known as Umek, is a Slovenian electronic dance music composer and DJ who started mixing when he was a teenager. He is credited as one of the pioneers of EDM in Slovenia, and is famous for his techno sound and his fast mixing skill. In 2013, he took the 97th position in the DJ Mag TOP 100 DJs poll.


Listen to UMEK’s most recent Behind The Iron Curtain With UMEK / Episode 118 here:





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