INTERVIEW: An interview with Giuseppe Ottaviani, Spring 2014


Giuseppe Ottaviani is one of the first artists when it comes to Trance. Hailing from Italy, he is known as being instrumental in the development of Trance. He started to first play DJ sets in clubs and on the radio back in 1995 and has moved masses since. Initially he was in NU NRG with fellow DJs, Andrea Ribeca and Giacomo Micciche in 1999, but in 2005, Ottaviani left and pursed a solo career. In 2001 he signed with Paul Van Dyk’s record label Vandit Records. PVD has been a strong supporter of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s brand of beautifully crafted melodic music since the beginning, and even taking it to the next level as to work together on several tracks. One of his more recent tracks, Magenta featuring Ferry Corsten has been a major hit in the Trance charts. Anytime he’s in Toronto, Giueppe Ottaviani will to blow the roof off.

1. Is it correct that I read that you are Paul Van Dyk’s protégé?
Well Paul has been a huge support for me over the past 12 years especially at the very beginning. He was the very first one to support me and to believe in my music. I’ve been signed to his label Vandit from 2001 till 2012 and even if I moved to Black Hole last year we still remain good friends. So I guess people is not completely wrong when saying that 🙂

2.Tell us about the Toronto Pure Trance event from your view.
Oh boy, I’ve been away from Toronto for few years and since my return to Toika Lounge last year (which was an absolute success), I had the feeling that Toronto would be again one of the next big cities for Trance music. Indeed the Pure Trance event I played at The Mod Club just confirmed my feeling. It was an absolute amazing night.

3. How would you describe “Pure Trance” and the Pure Trance Movement?
I guess this is a question for Solarstone more than me as he’s the founder of the Pure Trance movement. But I mean as a supporter of the movement of course, I totally agree to what he says. The fact that trance has been mixed with other genres in the past few years made it (trance) now a completely different thing to what we used to know and to what people would expect from a trance night. Here is Rich’s idea of filling the gap and bringing the original feeling of trance music back to the audience so that people know exactly what they will get from a Pure Trance night. A genre that has zero influences from the sound of now and that sounds as a very new and fresh thing to the ears of the new generation which is being completely overloaded with the same kind of sound over and over again. You all know what I’m talking about, right?

4. If you could play any instrument that you cannot play now, which would it be, and why?
Guitar would be my choice. Why? I simply love its sound, classic guitar, electric guitar, doesn’t really matter, it’s an amazing instrument.

5. You have co-productions with Solarstone on tracks like Falcons and you both were on the same bill at Pure Trance Toronto. How did you feel about this?
It’s great to be part of the Pure Trance family and worldwide tour, such a great experience with the music we love the most and with the right crowd for this music. As I said before, people coming to these events know what to expect and on the other side, I know what to deliver to them. Every time it turns to be a great night and I’m really happy to hear all those super positive comments from people that have never been to a proper trance night before becoming also a new follower for the Pure Trance Movement.

6. Magenta is described in nouns, why the compassionate nouns? Are you into yoga?
It’s more about the meaning of the colour itself. Each colour is described with different adjectives and each colour delivers a different message and produce a specific feeling. I do believe colours really influence our lives and daily moods, Magenta was simply the colour that matched the best the real meaning of Trance music. Every single word that describes Magenta can perfectly be applied to my music, or at least to what I’m trying to deliver with my music.

7. I Am Your Shadow is low-slung and mood filled. Would you say it’s comparable to your “It’s funny how a melody sounds like a memory” Twitter post?
Generally speaking, music has a huge power in sticking memories into your head. Every song is able to bring back memories at any time, especially those that are related to a particular moment of your life. It can be the lyrics of a song or its melody, but both have the same ability of sounding like a memory. I think that post can be applied to any kind of music out there.

8. Is there any place on earth you haven’t been yet, that you would like to go to?
Yes, I’ve never been to Japan and that’s a place I absolutely want to visit at some point.

9. What can we expect from you in the near future?
I’m working right now on the next project called Magenta Live which is a different thing from releasing something like “Album Remixes.” This is something else, something unique, so you better stay tuned to my networks for imminent news regarding this.

10. If you would like to say anything to your Toronto fans, now is your chance!
Definitely, thank you very much to everyone who came out to attend my shows, I really can’t wait to be back again, I know it will be a warm welcome back 🙂 Thanks again, and see you on the dance floor.


We definitely cannot wait and see what the future holds for Giuseppe Ottaviani and the musical journeys that may follow. Continue to dance along while checking out his SoundCloud for sets and his “Go On Air” sets.


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