INTERVIEW: An interview with Whyt Noyz by Amrit Sandhu [Spring 2014]


Coming off a slew of releases this past month, Whyt Noyz has been busy, to say the least. Whyt Noyz, David Sidley and Duncan Murray, was formed in 2010 and hasn’t shown signs of stopping. This London duo has been making waves in the techno scene with their unique style of combining techno, live drums and vocal samples. EDM TOR contributor Amrit was able to catch Whyt Noyz on a quick Q&A about their latest EP “They.”

When did you each start making music?

David: I started producing around 10 years ago about the same time as Duncan. I was 17 when I was introduced to Ableton. I have never switched DAWs since.

Duncan: Yes just over 10 years ago now, seems like a very long time indeed. It takes a long time to truly find your sound and that is of course always evolving!


What was the inspiration for this EP?  …or What was the drive behind this EP?

David: As we develop our sound the music has taken on a new form that is still driving and groovy but have a more darker and melodic influence. We knew these sounds would be something that would interest Richie.


Which artists inspired your sound?

David: I would have to say Carlo Lio for his relentless beats, Gaiser for his live shows, and my favourite producer of all time is Stimming. Whenever I feel uninspired or need a creative push I listen to Martin Stimming.


Was there any suggestion or direction from Richie Hawtin for this EP?

Duncan : Not directly, but we had an idea of the kind of tracks that Richie liked of ours from the ones he had supported previously, that definitely helped us when writing the EP for Minus.


Which shows would you rather be playing, the intimate venues or large ones?

Duncan : A mix of both for sure! You get such a great buzz from being close to a small crowd of 2-300 people and you really feel the energy in the room but on the opposite side, the sight of over 1000 people all going crazy is a LOT of fun!!


The relationship between DJ and the audience is critical for the DJ, how do you maintain a balance between giving the crowd what they want and playing what you want to, or treating them to new tracks?

Duncan: I think we are very unselfish in that way and have both always put the crowd first when playing. We really want to give the crowd an amazing experience and so always try and make sure our sets have lots of energy and tricks!  Luckily we always play tracks that we love and of course a lot of our own music and it seems to work well!! I think techno crowds are very open minded and love to be taken on a journey with the DJ. So we are lucky in that sense too!


How do you prepare for a new set?

David: The promo nightmare! Ha no I joke, but coming from one of the most creative industries in the world sifting through countless emails and hunting down good promo really is a hard thing to do. Fortunately, Dunc is great at taking his time doing this, it helps a lot sharing workload this way. We usually spend some time collating certain mixes and I especially make changes on Maschine with vocal stabs and drum sounds from our tracks.


What are your main challenges as a DJ?

Duncan: Well the challenge is to make sure you are always pushing yourself to make the best music that you possibly can and to stay focussed. It’s a challenge in itself to make DJing and producing a full time career and the only way to get there is to remain dedicated and that definitely requires a lot of self-discipline and focus and a little bit of luck too! There are other challenges associated with the travelling and lack of sleep when touring sometimes but in honesty that is not something you can complain about too much. The gigs that you are travelling to and the experiences you have whilst touring make those challenges worthwhile!


What do you prefer to do, DJ live or produce in studio? Why?

David: We rarely produce music in the same space anymore, as we have got into a working relationship being efficient at making music usually ends up being a one man job which is why I would say we prefer DJing because we are together in that same moment. Production means everything to me and Dunc but the feeling of playing the music and seeing the reaction it gets is something that cannot be matched!


What can we look forward from you in 2014?

Duncan: We just dropped our second EP on SCI+TEC which had a great reaction with all tracks charting well on Beatport. We have a new EP coming shortly on Christian Smiths label Tronic and then hopefully another EP on Minus this year too along with plenty more gigs! We are supporting Richie Hawtin at Ten Days Off in Belgium in the summer which we are very excited about too.

“Hey Toronto! Thank you SO much for all of the support, we are truly blessed to have such cool fans who are coming along with us on this journey! Techno for LIFE! X” – Duncan & David

To purchase the “They” EP on Beatport, click here!
To purchase their new “Deadly” EP out now on Tronic, click here!


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