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INTERVIEW: An interview with EDX, Spring 2014

INTERVIEW: An interview with EDX, Spring 2014


We tried to get a hold of EDX prior to his show at Maison Mercer on May 15, 2014, but his schedule was too jam packed, as is to be expected before a big show. Luckily and thankfully, he took time out of his schedule shortly after his performance to answer a few of our questions; and we are grateful. Take a gander below. You will find that EDX is a very down to earth person with a passion for his own unique style of music that we all know and love.

Your influential career has expanded over a decade. What are some of the biggest changes you have seen since you first began and where do you think electronic music is going in the future?

I’ve seen it all the way from the early 90s to today. In Europe, this kind of festival rave movement already happened back then. At that time, it wasn’t necessary for a DJ to be an artist who is releasing his own music. These days, I feel this has become a very important key to everyone’s career and this is good, because making the music is the key. My music from 2007 on has evolved, before it was more classic house.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced early in your career and how have the challenges changed as your career has progressed?

The current challenge I am going through is the transition between the more big room sounds back to the more deeper and mellow sounds. I try really hard to be someone that is leading the movement and this can be a really big challenge that requires a lot of passion and patience.

You spent quite a long time putting together your most recent album. Could you tell us a little bit about the album, and why it took about 2 years to complete?

Yes, the full album was released in 2012. In 2014 we released a remix album were we included the original album as well – definitely a long process. In 2012, I felt like it wasn’t the perfect moment for releasing a more progressive house, less noisy album. I spend a lot of time working with all these talented collaborators and singers like Nadia Ali, Tamra Keenan, Hadley, Seamus Haji, Sarah McLeod, and John Williams to name a few, and it was a great process. My profile increased in the meantime as well. Definitely a great experience that I will look back on in the future.

Did you always want to be in the entertainment/music industry, or growing up did you want to be involved in another profession?

I’ve been doing this for over two decades. Back in the 90s, I started in a Swiss bank as a banker, but I wanted to be a designer, which is what I did for over 10 years after I stopped my baking education 🙂 Not sure if I’ve ever told that to media.

What makes Swiss DJs and producers have such a unique take on house, electro, chill, Euro house sounds? You, specifically, have such a way to captivate your audiences with the perfect blend of the genres.

This is nice. Thank you for that. I always try to stick to the music I love and feel best about. This is what a lot of other artists in Switzerland do as well. There are a few artists that I really believe in that will be super big one day. I would love to name a few: Nora En Pure, Croatia Squad and my buddy Daniel Portman, but there are many more.

Your most recent original single, Cool You Off, on Enormous Tunes/Sirup Music is riding in top 5 of Beatport Deep House chart. Did you expect this success from this track? Where did you come up with the idea for the song and title?

Yes, it was top 3 for a few weeks and the previous single Reckless Ardor did the same. Such a great thing, I’m speechless. It’s a real blessing to see all the people out there supporting your music and even when you try out new angles, the support is there. I believe this sound is the closest to one of my EDX 2007 releases which received a lot of attention all over back then. It’s a bit slower, but not really new. It’s the EDX signature plus chord progressions, which I will try to stick to forever.

What inspires you to create the music you do?

Music production is something very interesting. You travel the world and often times you just sit outside in a coffee shop and you hear a new sound, you talk to someone new, you hear something on the radio. What I am really doing is collecting all these different sounds that can all be blended together to make something new. It’s when you get into the studio where you can use all these new sounds and put them into a song. With all my different experiences, it helps come together to make that unique EDX sound possible.

What impact did your family have on your career choice and your passion for music as a whole? And are they supportive of this latest chapter of your life?

Yes, they always supported my dreams as best as possible. A career as a performing artist and an entrepreneur is not something your family is expecting or really used to, but I can really feel the love I need from everyone at Camp Colella 🙂

You have worked with a ton of widely known artists. Is there anyone you haven’t worked with that you want to, dead or alive?

There are a few. I always dreamed about recording a track with Barry White. His voice is so magical.

What can we expect from you over the next few months?

There will be a lot of releases to come. There will be remixes for Cash Cash, Cazzette and more. My new single Air For Life and Breathin will be releasing within the next three weeks. I will try to pick some more artists to collaborate with. Maybe you can help me find the right match for me.

Anything to say to your Toronto fans?

Toronto is always amazing. I love the vibe and the crowds, lots of music love all around. I feel like Toronto is really into the vibe and good music. Already excited to be back again soon.

A genuine appreciation for his fans, especially those in Toronto always puts smiles on our faces. It was a treat to be graced by EDX’s sultry progressive and deep tunes as well as have him say a few words. We, at EDM TOR, can’t wait to hear from him next, whether that be a new single, a new show, or simply a “Hello”.


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