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The explosion of dance music in recent years has given birth to many wonders. One of which, is the new found trance talent hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew Alexandrov, better known as The Noble Six, has burst onto the scene. Within four years, Andrew has made waves in the trance scene, garnering attention from all of the elites, such as Aly & Fila and Armin van Buuren with his remix of Tula and his original productions, such as Sundown In Dubai. The Noble Six took some time out of his busy schedule to respond to some of our questions and here’s what he had to say:

1.How did you come up with your name, The Noble Six?
This picture inspired me for the name: The Pyramids of the Giza Necropolis in Egypt. I’m really into the ancient civilizations of the world 🙂


2. I’ve heard that you started out listening to and playing heavy metal when you were younger. Then, you heard an episode of A State of Trance, and that’s what got you hooked on melodic/uplifting trance. How has your background in metal influenced your trance productions?
I did and still play guitar and am really into metal today. It’s the other love of my life 🙂 I find trance and metal are very similar musically, but I don’t know if it’s influenced my trance productions. My biggest influences are Above and Beyond, Aly & Fila, Super8 and Tab, John O’Callaghan, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Giuseppe Ottaviani, to name a few. I could keep going but these guys are the main ones!

3. Your remix of Aly and Fila’s Tula was played on their radio show and has been featured by artists all over the trance scene. How does it feel to see a piece of work you’ve done recognized by the people you look up to?
I’ll never forget watching Aly & Fila b2b John O’Callaghan play it live at ASOT650 in Utrecht. It was an unreal moment for me! It’s still hard to believe and really hard to describe the feeling! Massive 🙂

4. Although you mainly subscribe to uplifting trance, is there a chance we will see The Noble Six producing any other types of trance or dance music?
No, I don’t think so. I’ll be sticking to my guns and what I love which has always been uplifting trance 🙂

5. You’re relatively new to the scene, producing as The Noble Six since 2010, what are some of the major lifestyle changes you’ve had to go through in recent years?
Nothing too major, really.

6. You’ve lived through the explosion of dance music in Canada and the rest of North America. What are your thoughts on the current dance music scene here?
It’s really rare to find uplifting trance lovers around where I live actually. I literally know about 4 people out here that are into the same stuff as me. The “dance music” that most people like around here is really not my bag, but everyone’s got their own tastes I guess.

7. What are some of your goals as a DJ and producer?
My goals are to just keep doing what I love to do: making and playing music, keep learning and improving, and reach as many people as possible doing so!

8. What has been the most memorable moment of your career thus far?
Definitely watching when Aly & Fila b2b John O’Callaghan played my remix of Tula at ASOT650 Utrecht live. I won’t ever forget that one!

9. What can we expect next from The Noble Six?
I recently signed with RJM Promotions which I’m absolutely stoked about. So, there will definitely be lots of gigs coming up! I’ve got lots of releases coming up very soon. At the moment I have the remix I did for Neptune Project called Lost All My Tears and an original called Tapestry which will both be released on FSOE as well as Ministry Of Sound – Trance Nation mixed by Aly & Fila. I also have a remix for Maria Healy – Atlantis Calling which came out May 5th, 2014 and much more in the works with Subculture right now 🙂

10. Do you have anything to say to your Toronto fans? 
Massive thanks for the support so far and hopefully I will see you soon! 🙂

And there you have it folks! The sky is the limit for The Noble Six. I personally cannot wait to hear him grace Toronto with more of the uplifting trance many of us know and love. In the meantime, check out The Noble Six via any of the following social media links.



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