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INTERVIEW: An interview with Maxum, Summer 2014 by Lindsay Cabrera

INTERVIEW: An interview with Maxum, Summer 2014 by Lindsay Cabrera




1.  You just released your latest remix for Sgt Slick’s Everyday. Tell us about it!
I was really into the summer piano sound when I decided to do the remix and it ended up turning out extremely happy. I rediscovered the vocal a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with it! I needed to do the remix and I wanted it to get people excited for the summer!

2. What’s your story? How and when did you decide that becoming a DJ/producer was for you?
I was 8 years old when I used to shadow my older brother while he DJ’d, and obviously being the younger sibling, I wanted to do exactly what he did. I started messing around on his DJ equipment when he wasn’t around and I started to get more comfortable. With my newly found love of DJing and music, I wanted to learn how to create the music that I was playing. Now I’ve been producing for about 4 years and I still love it just as much as day 1!

3. We saw that you made it to Miami Music Week this past March. What was that experience like for you?
AMAZING! I absolutely loved Miami! It is such an experience meeting your idols and speaking to them about production and DJing and their ideas of what’s next in the industry. I also got to meet a lot of young guys just like me doing the same thing.

4. As a 16 year-old producer in the industry, you’re essentially the next generation of dance music – how do you see it evolving in the next 10 years?
I see guitars, drums, microphones for vocalists, and synthesizers on a stage. The real instruments are coming back into house music and I personally love it. DJ sets are going to turn into full on BAND shows, and I am totally down for that. In terms of music I see it going the same way, more real instruments and lots of emotion.

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5. You’re in your 20th episode of Maxum Music Radio – tell us, what can we expect to hear in an episode?
Majority of it is to introduce people to new music but I like to include 4 – 5 tracks, old or new, that I’m currently listening to. Time to time I have a friend send me a guest mix and ill feature them on there for half the show.  When I’m super inspired and hearing a lot of great music at once I will post a 2 hour show, those are my favorite.

6. Tell us about your new Maxum & Friends brand?
I had this idea last September when I was with the Feenixpawl guys at Cobra Toronto. I thought to myself, how great it would be to host these DJs I am meeting from around the world for my friends here at home. My generation is growing up with ‘EDM’ as our pop music; it plays a huge part of our lives so I want to help educate them. I will continue to bring well-known acts but slowly introduce people to new styles of dance music that I love and see how they react to it. Ultimately, I want people have a good, fun, safe time and use the party to discover something that might inspire them the way it does for me.

7. Who were some of the first dance music artists to really grab your attention? Influences?
Steve AngelloChris LakePleasurekraftMark Mendes, and Thomas Gold. Those 5 had the biggest influence on me when I was getting started, and continue.

8.Top 3 Tracks at the moment?
1. TV Rock & WaldenSee Me Run (Marcus Schossow Remix)
2. GalantisYou (Still Young Remix)
3. NeroSatisfy

9. What’s next for Maxum this summer?
Well a big thing for me is the Maxum & Friends party, which we already talked about. In terms of production, tons of experimentation, I listen to so many different genres and variations of house music and now I am bringing my ideas from all of these styles into one and allowing myself to create outside of my comfort zone. So far, this new direction has been the most rewarding as an artist and I know it will be something different and special.

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