EDITORIAL: Top 5 Psy Trance Festivals for 2015


The worldwide Psy Trance scene became huge in the last 4 years and Festivals are popping like fresh mushrooms after the first winter rain. Each and everyone of them is trying to provide the best outdoor festival alternative to our daily routine and set our minds free from the hard daily life.

Here are our best 5 options for a great psychedelic stomp in the upcoming summer, get your calendar ready!

1. Ozora Festival 2015

First and best option for the upcoming summer is Definitely the Hungarian Ozora Festival.

Date: August 3rd-9th

Location: Dádpuszta, Hungary.

More info: Ozora Festival 2015

ozora festival 2015

2. Be In 2015

As an un-official descendant of Boom Festival that is being held every two years, Be-In looks very promising. The art is the main focus of this Festival and the new concept looks pretty interesting for the hardcore hippies and art lovers.

Dates: June 18th – 21st

Location: Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal

More info: Be In Festival 2015

be in 2015

3. ZNA Gathering 2015

Retro Futuristic shamanic Trance celebration under the amazing full moon under the clear sky of Portugal. ZNA Gathering is one of the most colorful Festivals in the year and people all over the globe gather up once a year to celebrate this great psychedelic experience that puts Psy Trance music in the heart of the event.

Dates: July 31st-August 5th

Location: Portalegre, Portugal

More info: ZNA Gathering 2015

zna gathering 2015

4. VuuV Festival 2015

VuuV is one of the oldest and most popular Festivals in Germany and Europe. Aside to the great lineup and the well build live shows you can find a lot of workshops and healing areas. On 2015 the VuuV organizers said that they are planning to upgrade the experience with a massive artists lineup that have never been seen before on their events, sounds sweet!

Dates: August 14th – 17th

Location: Near Berlin, Germany

More info: VuuV Festival 2015

vuuv festival 2015

5. Tree of Life Festival

For a small Festival, Tree of Life crew are taking the music to the highest level you can ever imagine. The massive lineup which is built by the top of the top of worldwide artists who will play on two stages is something that a true Psy Trance would never miss! Check out the lineup and you will immediately understand what we are talking about.

Dates: July 23rd-29th

Location: Izmir, Turkey

More info: Tree of Life Festival 2015

tree of life turkey festival 2015

So get your early bird tickets and start packing because this summer is going to be supremely psychedelic and mind expanding experience!

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