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TRACK REVIEW: Bill Slinnton’s “Inauguration” + FREE DL

TRACK REVIEW: Bill Slinnton’s “Inauguration” + FREE DL


Toronto Local Bill Slinnton just released this fresh new house track and it’s amazing. With a more tech feel, the progression is chill and creeps up on you. I uncontrollably bob my head like an idiot to this track and shake the walls in my house with no shame.

“For the last couple years I’ve been very much influenced by trap music. Within trap music there is usually an element of dubstep; whether it be in the drum samples or with the choice of synthesizer. For my first original track I wanted to incorporate some of that bass music influence through my choice of bassline as well as with a genre flip midway through the track – taking it from a bassy-tech type of vibe to something I don’t even know how to define myself and then back to that bassy-tech vibe again. I would say there is definitely some inspiration coming from Jauz, Destructo, Skillex (say what you want about him, he’ll always be a musical mastermind to me), and GTA. I think GTA was the first artist that I had ever heard make a beat flip while keeping the BPM unchanged throughout the track. That shit always kills me!” – Bill Slinnton

This track is free for download so support your local talent and check out Bill Slinnton with DJ Alrighty Then at the side stage at Ever After Music Festival in Kitchener, Ontario during the last weekend of May! Be sure to keep an eye out for both these guys as they play a diverse range of music around the city of Toronto and are some of the most humble artists in the scene.

Enjoy the tunes!


Bill Slinnton


Serafina Thoma – EDM TOR


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