EVENT PREVIEW: Psychedelic Babylon presents Timelock @ SoundXchange 16-12-17


With three successful events behind them, Psychedelic Babylon introduces their last event of 2017: Winter Madness, once again at Sound Xchange. It will be winter madness indeed, with a stellar and diverse lineup featuring Timelock and Weekend Heroes, as well as your favorite local Psytrance artists, to guide us through the night into the wee hours of morning. This event will have you blasting off into psychedelic dimensions with a smile on your face, folks!

Timelock (Felix Nagorsky) was born in Russia and now lives in Isreal, and truly has a gift for the progressive sounds of Psytrance. As a part of Iboga Records, Blue Tunes, and Spin Twist, Timelock has stamped his name in the genre with collaborations with heavy-hitters such as Ace Ventura and Liquid Soul. In May of this year, he dropped his new album “Universe Unfold” on his own label Dropzone records, which he will surely be blessing our ears with at this event – don’t miss it!



Weekend Heroes is the more recent progressive house alias belonging to Felix Negorsky. Toronto gets the treat of seeing a Weekend Heroes set alongside Timelock, a progression of sound which will surely take us on a journey.


Alien Pilot (Ian McKee) makes his return after the last successful event. He hails from Windsor, Ontario and delivers hard-hitting sounds of psychedelic and progressive Trance. Last time, his set was a personal favorite of mine, and I look forward to seeing him close out the night in style. Also, a little birdie told me that the drops will not falter towards the end of the night when he hits the decks… so be sure you’re there to see what he has in store for us!


ABTunes hails from Tehran/Iran, and specializes in the melodic side of progressive and psychedelic Psytrance. He began in the scene playing various genres, such as tech house and deep house, but found his groove in Psytrance in 2013. He’s hugely influenced by Astrix, Avalon, and many others that we know and love. Now living in Toronto, he has a natural talent and is clearly passionate about the work he does in front of a crowd.


Nocturne Live (Dailo Santos) is the project name of Night/Forest. A lover of aggressive basslines and breaking taboos, he will certainly bring a heightened emotional jump to this event. Catch this up-and-comer!


MagicMushroom (Hugo Brito), born in Portugal, never fails to disappoint a crowd. He proved that at Psychedelic Babylon’s last event, as he didn’t let the vibes die during the last set of the night and kept the  psy warriors dancing until the very end. A decade in the scene has solidified his reputation in the Psytrance community and his sets re-energize dance floors like no other (clearly!). Be sure to catch him again!

Grab tickets for this event here while you can – two tiers are already gone! Doors open at 10pm for the 19+ event, and will close approximately 10.5 hours after that – so be ready to leave your heart and soul on the dance floor for this event and let the music carry (or stomp?) you home.

See you all on the dance floor!


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Amber dove headfirst into the trance scene when she moved to Toronto in 2015. She feels at home on the dancefloor with the rolling basslines of psy and techtrance, and you’ll often catch her saying that "the dark side of trance understands her." She lives and swears by Giuseppe Ottaviani’s mantra “trance is music with a soul,” although lately she has been exploring the sounds of techno and bass house as well. She’s always looking for more people to tear it up with at events, so say hi if you see her around!

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