EDMTOR was founded in April 2012 after David Guzman (Founder) and Adele Desloges (Manager) met and became fast friends at Electric Zoo 2011. From then on, it has been nothing but a whirlwind of excitement for contributors who have become a part of the team. Interviewing local and international artists, attending events and reviewing EPs and LPs are only some of the services offered by the team at EDMTOR.

A milestone in our history was surpassing 4,000 organic “likes” on our Facebook page in September 2014! Thank you very much for your continued support! We continue to grow exponentially, and hope you enjoy being with us for this ride.


  • Event Previews & Reviews
  • Photography (press shots and event coverage)
  • Artist Interviews (written and video)
  • Videography (re-caps and interviews)
  • Track, Album and EP Reviews
  • Artist Profiles (International & Local)
  • Social Media Support
  • Event Promotion (ticket sales & guestlist)
  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Event logistics


We strive to bring you coverage of new music, new artists, exclusive interviews, exclusive contests, event photos and videos, as well as EDM merchandise to the Greater Toronto Area. Our first love is the music, our second love is connecting everyone.


EDMTOR will bring you a little bit of everything to be a one-stop resource for information you need to promote or plan an event, support the local and international DJs and Producers, and to connect new people while attending some of the most sought after clubs and events we recommend.


Integrity: Be real.
Passion: Committed to the EDM community in heart and mind.
Diversity: As extensive as the EDM umbrella.
PLUR: Peace, love, unity, respect & responsibility.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in interviews are those of the interviewee, not those of EDM TOR or EDM ATG and its affiliates. We are not held responsible for reporting on the views of another individual human being.