Author Serafina Thoma

It has been since late elementary school when Serafina Thoma came across artists like Benny Benassi, Ratatat, and Daft Punk and instantly bonded her soul to electronic music forever. Throughout high school, her taste in EDM expanded when introduced to artists Pendulum, Skrillex, Glitch Mob and Justice through various groups of friends over the years. She is an OSHEAGA 2012 veteran, a Veld 2013 warrior, and is an Electric Forest 2014 enthusiast. She uses her vast skills in writing, multimedia, and social media to be as vocal as possible about her opinions of new tracks, shows and albums. She'll make sure to speak her mind openly and honestly. Her knowledge in the scene continues to grow throughout many encounters and experiences in the Greater Toronto Area. Serafina and can be seen jammin' often at the back of The Hoxton to deep or electro house.

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