MC Flipside’s success dates back to the mid-1990’s with his unique tunes that fused R&B, hip hop and drum-and-bass, which ultimately steered his career on a path of continuous prosperity with a flow of energizing dance music. Much of his work has inspired some of the world’s leading DJs of today such as Deadmau5, David Guetta and Bob Sinclair. Many renowned dance music artists have not only collaborated with Flip on numerous tracks, but his music has been featured on many of their record labels such as Mau5Trap and Ministry of Sound.

This legendary musician is not just spinning tunes for a party-going crowd. He is a music producer, songwriter and vocalist, making him one of the most versatile Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artists of our time. While he regularly performs at Toronto’s Guvernment Nightclub and various local hot spots throughout the city, connecting with his many crowds, MC Flipside is known throughout the globe, having done shows from Europe and South America through to the tropical heat of the South Pacific, in Australia.

When he’s not regularly globetrotting and performing his never-ending streak of dance hits – he has over 50 chart-topping tracks within the last five years alone – MC Flipside is running his record labels, PBR Recordings and DBR Recordings, being as a talent scout, always on the lookout, and retrieving and developing the next generation of talented musicians.

Listen to a mix from the legendary Comfort Zone

Watch a recap from the MC Flipside GLOW at Guvernment Experience


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